The Perfect (Almost Free) Planter You Probably Already Have

Mornings around here are filled with smoothies and honey yogurt bowls so it’s no surprise we’re constantly buried under Fage tubs.  No joke we go through at least two full containers a week.  Once they’re empty I wash them and stash them, usually in a super obnoxious place like the kitchen greenhouse window where everyone can see them.  Why clutter in the living room drives me mad but this doesn’t, I have no idea.  (Please ignore the sad looking basil in the background…)

I wasn’t in any particular rush to deal with the tubs but a small hole in the rainy weather yesterday motivated me to action.  In less than thirty minutes I managed to repurpose and rehome all of them.  They’re now perfectly functional planters outside in the cold frame.  Yay!

Punching drainage holes in all of their bottoms was quite satisfying.  Let’s be honest, really anything that requires the use of a screw driver is usually a good time.

I cracked one of the tub bottoms in the process but not so bad it’s a throw away.  In fact you can barely see it in the photograph.  I simply put fewer holes and voila, perfectly functioning planter.

Thin plastic tubs, small handheld screwdriver, you’d think there’s minimal inherent risk in this activity, right?  Apparently not or at least apparently not for me.  While I was busy focusing on not impaling my leg with the Phillips head screwdriver (I squeezed the tub between my legs while standing to hole punch them) I completely overlooked the fact my hand would push into the tub as the screwdriver went through the bottom.  Rather than cheating my hand to the middle like a smart person would I punched the top lip of the tub on the first go.  Oops.  The end result wasn’t anything to cry about but it was just enough to require a Band-Aid.

If I wasn’t pregnant I would have just slapped some masking tape on that bad boy in the garage and spared myself from having to take my boots off to go in the house.  Alas, the safety of our unborn child won out over my laziness.  Enjoy that while it lasts kid.

Despite the mini medical emergency the final product came out great.  With the lids plopped under the tubs for an overflow catch I daresay these planters are ready for some plants!  All for the small price of a product we buy anyway and a Band Aid.  Not bad.  If you’ve got any small plastic tubs stashed in obnoxiously conspicuous places in your house I highly recommend converting them to spring planters.  Why waste money on seed trays and plastic pots when you’re just going to cut them up anyway?  Reduce, reuse, recycle baby!

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