Effortless Modern Farmer Look with a Touch of Quirk

Morning chores are a staple of any backyard farmer’s daily routine just like this effortless modern farmer look should be.  Consisting of a puffy parka, light wash jeans, boots, and a unique hat it’s the perfect combination of function and fun.  No plaid and overalls here!  The weather resistant exterior repels more than just snow or rain and is sure to keep you smelling fresh despite shoveling animal shit.  With black color blocks it seamlessly transitions from the backyard to the front yard for chats with your neighbors.

Let’s take a closer look at my photo shoot today with the best child photographer I know.  Right off the bat we get a great close-up of the hole free denim.  The light wash really balances the large black color blocks.

Next up an artsy peek-a-boo boot shot with some additional furry feet.

Not sure what the artist was going for here but that’s an awesome pink tennis ball.

Another boot shot, this time highlighting their perfect mid-calf height.  Just tall enough to keep out the shit but short enough to comfortably walk.

Our first glance of almost the entire look.  Not bad for five months pregnant if I do say so myself.


A close-up of the sock monkey hat without hood reveals just how much quirk we’re talking about.  (Why I ever thought this hat was adorable, I have no idea.  Maybe it was cuter before the dog ripped off the pom pom.  Seeing it in focus like this has me rethinking all of my recent life decisions.)

My favorite piece of this whole ensemble?  These black beauties.  I bought them for a clam dig in Washington State years ago and they still look as fabulous as the day I got them.  Talk about a great fashion investment.

Morning chores are enough work without stressing about what to wear.  Save yourself some time and put together your own effortless modern farmer look.  Happy backyard farming!

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