A Simple Way to Class up Your Next Backyard Fiesta

St. Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching and true to form I decided to throw a party. However unlike last year I didn’t wait until the last minute to tell everyone. Who knew planning a party in advance was a thing? What do people even do for a party two weeks in advance? It’s too early to buy the food, it’s too early to clean the house, it’s too early to fight with your sister and not make-up and uninvite her. Seriously, what do people do for parties more than three days in advance?

I consulted the internet to find out. Like many internet searches I instantly found myself down an adorably decorated Pinterest rabbit hole. This time about… wait for it… party invitations!

I’m a twenty-something-almost-thirty mother who loves to throw parties that has only sent actual invitations for one event ever – the baptism of my first child. And I can hardly take credit for that since it was my mother-in-law’s idea. There’s an entire world of crafty, smile inducing party invitations I’ve been missing out on because of a proneness to procrastinate. Talk about sad. Damn you immediate gratification.

Perusing all of the shamrock covered stationary I decided two weeks was a good time frame for an instant (i.e. online) invite but not long enough for an actual put-in-the-mail card.  Fine by me seeing as how the latter costs money.  I’m all about saving dollars, even more so since I quit my job.

Among a plethora of evite apps one caught my eye, Paperless Post.  They got me with their cutesy title (I’m a sucker for alliteration) but kept me with their snappy designs, comprehensive features, and $0 price tag.  Check out the free invitation I was able to whip up in mere seconds.

Adorable, I know.  And FREE so long as you don’t add a special background or virtual envelope.  In the world of fewer clicks equals better user experience I don’t know who’s opting for the fake envelope.  Especially when it costs one “coin” per invitation, whatever that means.

Sending the invite was as simple as sending any group email.  Input your list and you’re good to go.  Now that the invites have been sent I’m particularly enjoying the invitation tracking feature.  I can see who’s RSVP’d and spam email the people who haven’t.  Apparently my procrastination is an inherited trait because the majority of my family has yet to respond.  Real nice, guys.  If there’s not enough food on Saturday it’s not my fault because I assumed your lack of response meant you weren’t coming.

Aside from the invitation tracking, personal messaging, and Google Maps link I’m sure there are a bunch of additional features.  I recall reading something about a photo gallery but we’re not a big social media family so not sure whether we’ll actually make use of that.  At any rate I really enjoyed browsing the different card designs and stepping up my party planning.  While my family hasn’t RSVP’d yet many of them have commented on how cute the invite was which was nice to hear.

Paperless Post has proven itself to be useful beyond just cute.  The invitation tracking has made it a lot easier to make the food shopping list and has spared me the hassle of sorting through numerous conversation histories on my phone.  Speaking of which, it’s an iOS app so I’ve been enjoying the mobile aspect as well given I switched to the dark side after dropping my Android in a lake.

Cute invitations, easy planning, and FREE.  What’s not to like?  Thank you Paperless Post for helping me class up my St. Patrick’s Day party.  I can say with absolute certainty I’ll be using your app again come time for backyard fiestas.  Bring on the spring!

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