Save Your Sanity with These 4 Always Fun Snowy Day Activities

Do we still call snow storms after the spring equinox “winter” storms?  I can think of a few other choice names but I’m still hoping against hope I won’t need to use them.  Maybe all the New England weather forecasts are wrong.  Maybe it’ll just be rain.  Maybe I’m not really pregnant and I’m just getting fat.

I’m not just getting fat (thank goodness) and it’s not just going to be rain.  Sigh.

The best I can hope for is less than twelve inches and no power outages.  At least Agapi will be home for this one and able to spare his super pregnant wife from braving the elements to feed the animals.  Bending over is becoming a serious challenge these days.  As is keeping my sanity in the face of yet another March “winter” storm.

Less than two years in Connecticut and I’m already dreaming of warmer locales.  That can’t be a good sign.  However rather than give in to my tropical whims (and lose a lot of money on my mortgage) I’ve decided to do the adult thing and complain to everyone I talk to about the shitty weather unleash my inner child.  You know, the child who couldn’t wait for newscasters to recite the entire list of school cancellations before a massive storm.  I might not be in school anymore and I might not have a job but that doesn’t mean the magic of snow has completely melted away.

When “winter” storm Toby hits it’s game on with these four always fun snowy day activities.

1. Build a snowman

Lumpy bottom, melted face, non-existent arms.  Clearly my snowman building skills need a refresher.  Maybe it’s a good thing we’re getting another foot of snow.  Practice makes perfect.

2. Sled around the yard

No hill?  No problem.  Even if your dog has zero mushing skills like George your own two legs will work just fine.  It’s amazing how much fun young kids have being pulled around the yard by a parent.  Maybe it’s more the novelty of watching us struggle than the actual sledding that’s so appealing.  Meh I can’t blame them, I’d laugh hysterically too if my husband pulled me around the yard in a sled.

3. Make a fort

Full disclosure – we did not make this fort.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t make one just like it when “winter” storm Toby hits.  We have these really cool snow blocks I’m tempted to use to make an even more igloo-like fort. Peanut would have a blast sitting in a snow cave.

Wow I really hope we don’t get enough snow to make a snow fort this time around.

4. Do stupid shit in the snow

Like swinging really high and jumping off into fresh powder.  Bonus points if you have a dog.  Fetching snowballs is always a big hit around here for everyone.  As are snow angels, snowball fights, snow cones, and icicle breaking.  Make sure mittens and hats are on tight before the fun starts.

Toby, I genuinely hope you fail to arrive to the party.  However if and when you do, I’ll be ready for some snowy fun.  And a lot of griping about having to shovel the driveway and clear the cars for the fourth time this month.

Gosh Costa Rica is looking really good right now.

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