The Top Knot Might Just Be the Top Hairstyle for Backyard Women

People, I’m six months pregnant and bloated.  Of course my cheeks are puffy.  Let’s please focus on what’s important in this photograph which is not my face but rather the beautifully greasy unwashed hair.  Morning chores are a time for all your pre-shower glory.  The garden and animals won’t care what you smell like.   In fact they may like you more unshowered.

If you have long hair, the top knot provides a fast and functional hairstyle for anything you might be planning to do in the backyard.  I put this look together in less than thirty seconds using only one hair elastic.  Brilliant.

It’s a lot easier to do chores without hair hanging in your face.  Not to mention hair dipped in chicken shit is disgusting.  Ask me how I know.  The rabbits aren’t so bad because the little pellets roll right off but chicken shit is in a league of it’s own.  Recall the fate of my pink ballet flat.

The top knot keeps dirty hair under control and keeps clean hair clean.  You’re ready to hop right in the shower after chores if you’re not planning on washing your hair for the day.  In addition to speedy functionality the top knot is also quite interesting.  Check out the cute spiral from the back.  Not terrible, right?  Borderline artistic masterpiece if I do say so myself.

However as the title suggests the top knot MIGHT be the top hairstyle for backyard women.  And it might not be.  The seemingly perfect hairstyle is not without its shortcomings.  For instance the use of a hat in cold weather.  Maybe I have the wrong style hat (we all know this one is hideous anyway) but I like my ears to be covered when it’s cold and the top knot makes that impossible with an ordinary hat.  The added volume also makes it difficult to don a hood.

Like I said, the top knot MIGHT be the top hairstyle for backyard women.  However I think it’s safe to call it the ideal hairstyle for warmer weather.  (Added bonus – it keeps hair off your neck in hot weather helping you stay cool during the inevitable manual labor that comes along with having a backyard.)

I’ve been rocking my top knot since 7:00 AM this morning and ready for chores.  How about you?  What does your hair look like this morning?

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