Celery Is Literally the Jesus Christ of Vegetables

Cut it down and it shall rise again.  Not a believer?  Try it out for yourself.

Next time you’re chopping celery from the store, lop off the bottom couple inches of the base and put it in a bowl of water.  Put the bowl in a sunny spot and presto, it will transform from a fresh cut base (front) to sprouting leafy stalks (back) in no time at all.  Seriously, you’ll start seeing new green stalks emerge around day 3.  Celery is literally the Jesus Christ of vegetables.

That being said don’t crucify your new green friend.  Once the new stalks reach a couple inches in height and white roots emerge from the base, transplant the celery to an appropriate container.  Aim for something at least 8″ deep that retains moisture well since celery is a big water hog.  Anything made of plastic would be ideal.  I made containers out of yogurt tubs for next to nothing and they work great.  For soil I used some old organic potting soil that’s been sitting on the back patio all winter.  A few pokes with a spade and it looked good as new.

Once you’ve successfully transplanted the stalks to their new containers it’s time to find them a permanent locale.  Somewhere with at least six hours of sunlight and a consistent temperature between 60 and 65 degrees F would be their version of heaven.  My kitchen greenhouse window filled up after St. Patrick’s Day (shout out to all of the guests who brought me plants, they’re beautiful!) so I opted for the recently cleaned outdoor cold frame.

Is it still a little too cold outside given the evening lows in the 40s?  Yeah probably but a few days in and these two don’t seem to mind.  Worst case they’ll probably take longer than the average 16 weeks to mature.  Big deal, virtually free food is worth the wait.  Now it’s just a matter of patience and frequent watering.

Follow @BackyardWoman on Twitter for celery updates.  I’ll let you know should the unthinkable happen and their resurrection fails.  However despite chilly nights that’s highly doubtful.  Just like the original Jesus, these two stalks are destined to live on for a long time to come.  Cut them down and they shall rise again!

But seriously, why have we been buying celery at the store this whole time when it’s so easy to grow our own?  *facepalm*

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