5 Places to Find Discounted Patio Furniture

We recently celebrated my sister’s birthday and unlike some years, we nailed the whole present thing if I do say so myself.  The gift?  An outdoor dining set.  Six chairs, a large glass table, and an umbrella for the smooth price of $150, all in excellent condition.  The two end chairs are even fancy enough to swivel.

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Take that Amazon and your comparable dining set for 10x the price!

Where did we find such a sweet deal?  Craigslist.  I found the set, my mom approved it, and my dad trucked across Rhode Island to pick it up.  It was the ultimate team effort, virtual high fives to all.

Craigslist may be my first stop for discounted patio furniture but there are four other places on my favorites list.  Read on to learn what they are.

1. Craigslist

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?  Not always on Craigslist but there are enough hidden gems to make it worth your while to spend time looking.  My sister’s birthday present is a perfect example.  My mother and I were able to pick up a gently used, quality patio dining set for a tenth of the price of what it would cost brand new.  One thing I particularly love about Craigslist when it comes to outdoor furniture is all the weather testing has been done for you.  If a two year old patio set still looks fantastic after sitting outside all winter then you know you’ve found something that will hold up to the elements.  Craigslist people seem to be flakier than your average human being (I’ve lost track of how many people have scheduled and then cancelled rabbit showings this month alone) but like I said, there are enough hidden gems to make the headache worth it.

2. Wayfair

Wayfair is an e-commerce company similar to Overstock and Hayneedle but in my opinion has better deals.  They’ve got a little bit of everything when it comes to outdoor patio furniture.  Dining sets, lounge sets, bistro trios, hammocks.  Whatever you’re looking for they probably have something that fits the bill.  Shop their sales to get the best prices and take advantage of the free shipping for orders over $49.

3. Home Depot and Lowe’s

I know what you’re thinking, the big box stores are anything but discount and you’re right.  Hell they set the retail price for seasonal outdoor furniture.  But there’s a trick here I’ve used with smashing success on more than one occasion.  Buy the floor model.  Look at if first to make sure it’s in decent shape but then offer a sales associate a significantly reduced price for it.  This technique works best toward the end of the season or when they don’t have anymore of the item in stock.  Last spring we were able to buy an 8 piece metal and wicker patio dining set with cushions for $300.  Not to mention we got them to toss in free shipping.

4. Furniture Warehouses

Half of the furniture in my house came from a furniture warehouse.  More specifically, I bought it while living in Portland, OR at my favorite furniture warehouse of all time, City Liquidators.  This place had free donuts, four floors of fantastic furniture, and discounts galore.  The wonderful state of Oregon also has no sales tax so I saved even more.  (Anyone in New England drive to New Hampshire to make big purchases?)  I have yet to find another furniture warehouse that rivals my Portland favorite but I’m optimistic there’s one out there.  Furniture warehouses are wonderful because they sell quality items for a significantly reduced rate.  Check your own area to see if there are any great warehouses near you and please, please, please if you know of a great one in Connecticut leave the name and location in the comments.

5. Friends and Family

Last but certainly not least, family discounts are some of the best around.  Check in with people you know to see if they’re looking to offload any patio furniture.  Friends moving from a rental with an outdoor space to one without would probably be happy to save themselves the headache of listing on Craigslist and sell you their patio furniture directly.  They’ll probably also have a moving truck to drop off the set directly to your house for free.  Family and friends are the best, aren’t they?

Bonus – Other People’s Friends and Family

That’s right, yard sales.  It’s more challenging because they’re sporadic and often not widely advertised but sometimes they have great stuff.  Next time you see a yard sale sign drive by for a peek.

Whatever style of patio furniture you’re looking for, or really anything for that matter, it pays to shop around.  Use the big name sites to figure out what you want and then look elsewhere for discounted prices.  Just think of all the money you’ll save to spend on other stuff!  Happy shopping!

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