Style Delivered: Stitch Fix #1

Stitch Fix items have made regular appearances in my wardrobe since 2016 when I hopped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon.  At first I was slightly appalled by the relatively high prices but once I factored in the convenience and my hatred of clothing shopping with small children the appall quickly transformed into appreciation.  I’m not just buying trendy clothes, I’m investing in my sanity.  Admittedly I’ve drastically reduced my fix frequency from every other week (at the height of my six figure corporate days) to once every three months but it’s less because of the cost and more because slightly shabby is a justifiable style for home.  Not to mention kids couldn’t care less if Mom wears the same outfit every day for a week.  Hell I bet they wouldn’t even notice if said outfit went unwashed all week.

While this is far from my first Stitch Fix (and hopefully far from my last) I’ve decided to share the awesomeness that is home clothing delivery with all of you starting with this inaugural post.  I’m not going to let the fact I’m 8 months pregnant stand in my way though you may need to be patient about seeing photos of me actually wearing the clothes.  I’m 8 months pregnant people with my second child – translation, it’s hard to do everything including shower daily.  However rest assured that when I’m moderately cleaned up and running around you’ll get to see some of these clothes in action.

So without further ado, onto the fix.

As always we start things off with a short note.  Lauren has been with me for a few fixes now and she has yet to disappoint.  When you find a stylist you like you can leave a note requesting that they style you again.

A quick overview of all the pieces in the box and ideas of what to pair them with.  Being extremely style inept I find these cards super helpful.  And they’re just fun to look at.

Finally the moment when everything comes out of the box.  It’s like Christmas every time.  Even when you request specific items you never know exactly what you’re going to get.  Stitch Fix has certainly nailed using the fun surprise element to their advantage in pricing.

The verdict?

Makenna Strappy Wedge Sandal – Super cute out of the box but ridiculous looking on.  Even with pregnancy bloating my ankles are still extra skinny, a fact I’m grateful for.  Cankles have never been an issue for me but slender calves and ankles make it incredibly difficult to find boots and strappy sandals that fit.

Loula Denim Jacket – No, no, no, no, and did I mention no?  Personally I have nothing against denim jackets but my shoulders disagree.  Not sure if it’s my naturally broad shoulders or the pregnancy weight gain around the chest area but this jacket was not flattering.  Nope nope nope.

Carlita Knit Maternity Maxi Dress – Loved this.  Fun print, super flattering on, and best of all comfortable!  However now that I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy (which could quite possibly be my last pregnancy ever) I’m not about to drop $78 on a dress I’ll probably only wear for another 6 weeks.  Sigh, goodbye beautiful maxi dress, I hope you find a loving home in someone else’s closet.

Eleanor Maternity V Neck Blouse – Adorable top, way too tiny for pregnant me.

Romeo Maternity Frayed Cuff Denim Short – Prepare yourselves, you’ll be seeing a lot of these shorts in the next few weeks.  I was down to only one pair of shorts and thankfully these are not only cute but comfortable.  Hallelujah, thank you Lauren, you’re my hero.

Overall Happiness with this Fix – 4 out of 5 (with 5 being the best).

I might only be keeping one of the 5 items but I loved them all.  They certainly felt tailored to my specific needs and status as an expectant mother despite the fit being off for a few items.  If I was up for splurging a little more I certainly would have kept the maxi dress.  Overall I had a blast with this fix and the shorts alone made it a roaring success.  (Seriously, just try and find shorts when you’re 8 months pregnant.)  Needless to say I’m looking forward to my next fix… in August.

Interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself?  Go for it!  Use this referral link and we’ll both receive $25 – you’ll get $25 towards your first fix and I’ll get $25 towards my next fix.  Conveniently delivered style here we come!

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