We’re Back!

After months away dealing with the chaos that is having more than one child, we’re back in action! Naturally we’re doing everything at top speed, all the time, so there’s plenty to catch up on. Too much in fact. Let’s call the last three months an unofficial official maternity leave, shall we? If I was a sane human being I’d be off for another 9 months but alas I’m American so I’m already late getting back to the grind and all of you lovely people.

The important thing is I’m feeling great, Number Two is sleeping fabulously, Peanut is her usual ball of awesome, and Agapi is as wonderful and as busy as always. I can’t say the same for all of the animals. In the time away we lost three of my mother-in-law’s chickens to a fox (yeah breaking that news was super fun) and had an explosion in our rabbit population. The free range rabbit experience continues with a couple new furry faces in the yard – adorable fluffy updates coming soon.

This summer I’ve spent a good deal of time in other people’s backyards including this stunning one for an event in Bristol, Rhode Island. Technically I suppose it’s a commercial establishment but it was someone’s yard back in the day.

While our own backyard isn’t half as scenic I dare say it’s more than twice as fun. At least that was until we were overrun with these bad boys. Anyone else struggling to stay bite free? I swear it’s times like these that make me miss the Pacific Northwest, a land where people don’t have screens on their windows because there are far fewer pestilent pests. Seriously. Windows wide open at night, lights on, no problem. It’s glorious. And an entire country away now that we’re in Connecticut. Sigh.

Our state may be on the dull side and biting insects suck (see what I did there) but that doesn’t mean we don’t still manage to have fun in the backyard. We do and lots of it, especially now we’re enjoying it with two kids. Let the games (and regular blog posts) begin!

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